Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ismail The Last Days On 8TV Quickie

From A Backstage Perspective

Managed to sneak my camera backstage during Act 2 and took a few shots. For those of you who haven't watched yet, what are you waiting for????? GET YOUR TIX NOW!!!








Also, if you are an avid blogger like myself, linora or min li, you would have heard of the company Nuffnang. Nuffnang has graciously posted up a post promoting Ismail The Last Days. Do go check it out here!

Thanks Nuffnang!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Tick Tock

It is now 4.00 pm and in 4 and a half hours we are 'ON' for Opening Night, our first, and finally it's SHOW TIME.

I am very excited, and I'm sure everyone else is. We received our Program Books yesterday, breaking the tradition.

Many VIPs is expected to come to our opening tonight including our PM and some royalties, and Ismail's wife and family.

Good luck guys, and as Tony and Nick would say before every dress rehearsal.." Break a Leg!".

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Black Out


That is all we saw for the last 10 minutes of tonight's full dress rehearsal run. There was a blackout at klpac.. which ended up with us ending the rehearsal time bit earlier. Whoopee and Baddie...

You know when you are on stage... you sometimes take things for granted. We know the director will see to us all looking right.. we know the stage managers will keep everything in check... the tech people will do their best with the sound, stage set, and the lighting... Everything is under control by someone.

But we never into account what could possibly happen if say something went beyond our control. Like today...

However... it doens't matter... the show has to go on! And that it did...
Even still, we all pray it does NOT EVER GET A BLACKOUT!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Hot Off The Press

With opening night getting closer and closer, our two main leads Tisha and Malik have been going around to TV stations and begging to be featured so that they can promote the show. Thankfully, two breakfast shows felt pity on them and allowed them on their show. Click on the two links below to see their interviews....

The NTV7 Breakfast Show (skip ahead to part 6)
Malaysia Hari Ini

If you haven't noticed by now, our adorable faces have been coming up in several newspapers such as The Star, NST amongst others. Click on the links below to take a look....

Essence Of A Stateman - New Straits Times
Doc Ismail On Stage - Star R.AGE
The Sound Of Music - New Sunday Times
The Stuff Of Heroes - Sunday Star
Notes From The Top - The Edge Weekly
Capturing His Spirit - The Edge Weekly